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Picture 1 Falcons
Year 6 Spellings Summer Term 3A 

Year Six Homework - Summer Term 1

Year Six long term grid:

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Our next fascinating topic to observe in Year Six is Darwin's Delights!
Picture 1
Year Six Eagles had an uplifting time during Science Week this year making air powered cranes for their project. The children were tasked with researching the different design features of mechanical cranes and then apply this knowledge when creating their own cranes out of lolly pop sticks, masking tape, tubes and syringes. As you can tell from the pictures above, we all had a great time during this project and even got to expand our ideas even further by replacing the air pressure with water!

World Book Day - 7.3.19

World Book Day - 7.3.19 1

Our next interesting and slightly gruesome topic next term is:


Blood Heart

Picture 1
Well done year six for raising such a great total amount of money of £1,100 for such a worthy cause! Thank you to everyone else too for all of your continued support and donations. Please keep your eyes peeled to see if our story of the event and picture soon get into any of the local newspapers.

14.02.19 - British Heart Foundation year six photo

14.02.19 - British Heart Foundation year six photo 1

Both year six classes have thoroughly enjoyed their topic this term learning about the heart. In order to have a successful and enjoyable end to the term the classes organised their own British Heart Foundation fundraising event in order to help raise awareness and money for such a worthy cause. 


As you can see from the pictures below, the children were really enthused to provide a non-forgettable experience for the rest of the school and themselves. The running total for the amount raised at the moment is £805. But we're hoping to raise that little bit more! Thank you to everyone who has donated and provided support so far. One team, one dream!

British Heart Foundation - year six fundraising event

Year Six have had an interesting yet slightly gruesome topic lesson this week as we have been able to dissect a real sheep heart as part of our Science lesson in class!


Both classes really enjoyed getting 'hands on' with their learning and were able to identify most of the major components that make up a heart. Please enjoy looking at our pictures below.

Christmas Nativity

                                                                                   Christmas Nativity 1

Year Six have enjoyed spending some time learning about the Christmas Story this term for RE and Science. Recently, the children enjoyed a trip to St Michael's church in Tilehurst in order to learn more about the birth of Jesus. Additionally, the children have also been learning about light and shadows in Science so combining the two seemed like the obvious choice of direction!


Falcons spent time making sketches around the church and especially enjoyed meeting one of our hosts who painted the Nativity scene at the alter! 


Please see pictures from the Eagles' shadow puppet performances below and a special thank you to Elizabeth the Rector at St Michael's church and Gill a Governor here at St Michael's for taking the time to come and watch the show.

19.12.18 - Shadow puppet performances

As part of our Fallen Fields topic this term, year six have been on a special trip this last week to the Tilehurst war memorial statue  in order to appreciate and consider the sacrifices that have been and are still made for us today. It was a great experience for everyone who went as we were able to pay our respects, find out how our local community has been affected through different conflicts and have the opportunity to be part of a great community drive. 
Falcons visit to the Tilehurst War Memorial 8.11.18

Year Six Residential - 2018


Year six completed a successful residential week this year at PGL Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk. The children (and staff) managed to conquer some fears whilst taking part in some amazing activities run by the centre. All of the children set a good example for the school and acted with great maturity, well done year six! Please enjoy looking through some of the many pictures that were taken during the trip below.

As part of our learning for RE in school, year six were able to take part in a very valuable trip to the local Mosque on Oxford Road in Reading.


This trip was extremely beneficial to the children and staff as it helped to develop the children's learning and our links within the community that we live in. Thank you Mrs Mupita for organising such a worth while trip.

During last term, year six also took part in a football tournament at St Michael's school against Park Lane primary. We all had a great time and even managed to win the tournament! However, Mr Witkowski did lose his favourite water bottle.


Our exciting new Topic for our first term in Year Six is: 




Zimbabwe 1

As part of our learning for Zimbabwe this term, year six have really enjoyed learning about the different artwork that is from this interesting country.


Please take a moment to enjoy looking at our different efforts below of artwork from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Artwork

Thank you to those of you who were able to come and join us in our very own Year Six Zimbabwe Artwork Exhibition. We worked extremely hard together and really enjoyed showing you all our fantastic results.

In class we have been reading an interesting picture book called 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. In which the main character stumbles upon a lost thing whilst out collecting bottle tops in a world where the little things in life just aren't noticed anymore.


Apart from reading and building our writing around the text, we've also enjoyed acting out the scene where Shaun meets the lost thing on the beach. So please enjoy looking at our performing efforts below.

Picture 1

Please use the below Maths support sheet to help you with any Maths homework you have. Regular revision and practice will also be useful for SATS in May.