St Michael's Primary School

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Home School Agreement & Home Work

Schools are now required to ask parents and pupils to join with them in a Home School Agreement.  This is a simple agreement where each of the three parties concerned knows what is expected of them and, in return, what may reasonably be expected from others.  We would urge you to take this agreement seriously, as children who take their own progress seriously and have the support of their parents and the school, tend to do better than those who do not.  We ask that you discuss this document with your child and sign to say that you and your child understand the expectations.


In St. Michael’s School we are firmly committed to the value that homework can bring to a child’s overall education. We also recognise that children have been working hard in school all day and need time to relax and be with the family in the evening. Both the school and parents must attempt to reach a sensible balance between the two.  


The school will ensure that homework tasks are: 


  • Appropriate to the age of the child. 
  • Planned to support progress in learning. 
  • Directly linked to the work being done in the classroom. 
  • Governed by high expectations of promptness and standard of completion. 


A guide to the homework your child can expect will be provided by your child’s teacher.