St Michael's Primary School

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School Run Safety Guidelines

The school is on a busy road and this creates problems with the “school run”.  We have identified clear guidelines which we would like parents to follow. We do realise that there will never be a total solution to this problem, but if we work together we can minimise the difficulties.


Parents must not use the school car park.  There are times, i.e. school concerts, when we open up the playground for parking. You will always be clearly informed when this is the case. 


Parents must never park on the zigzag lines outside the school. The police have been known to fine offenders, so please be warned! 


If you don’t need to use the car and can walk to school, please do so. 


At the end of the day, please wait on the Key Stage 1 playground for Year 1 – 6 children. The teachers escort their classes to the gate at the end of the day. 


Please respect the fact that the Foundation area inside the small gate is a teaching area for our youngest children and we try to minimise human traffic there. Parents of Key Stage 2 children should not wander through there, but go to the school office if they require assistance.


The collection of Key Stage 2 children is left to the parents’ discretion.  Please inform the school if your child is allowed to walk home and will not be collected by an adult.


If you are delayed by a significant amount of time when collecting your child, please try to let us  know as soon as you can. 


Ten minutes after end of school, any uncollected children are taken into the After School Care Club (ASCC) and on your arrival you will need to sign for their collection.  However, please note that regular late collections will incur a charge.  Telephone 0118 901 5550