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Welcome to Year 1 Tigers!

Welcome to the Tiger's Class!


Our class teacher is the miraculous Mr Ramplin and our class teaching assistant is the marvellous Mrs Skene. 

This term (Autumn 1), we will be learning all about Brazil.

This term (Autumn 1), we will be learning all about Brazil. 1

As part of our place to be topic, we will be exploring Brazilian culture and geography including:-

  • The music and dance of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival
  • The plants and animals of the Amazon rainforest
  • How we can help to protect the rainforest from deforestation
  • Brazilian food, sports and language.


Mal posso esperar 




Year 1 have Common Exception Words to learn.  These are words where phonics cannot always be used to aid spelling.  The National Curriculum has set out 45 that must be learnt by the end of this year.  Each term we will ask the children to practise 10 spellings at home.  We will also be learning and practising these at school.  An assessment will be completed near the end of each term so please take your time learning/practising them over the next 6 weeks.

Term 1 Spellings:

the                    be

a                      he

to                     me

do                    she

I                       we


If your child can read and spell these words easily, you can start to look at the words for the rest of Year 1. 

However, please focus on supporting your child with the 10 specified words above in order for them to be confident.


Other words for Year 1:

today                         were                  you                   so                     where

of                             was                   your                  by                     love

said                           is                      they                   my                    come

says                           his                     no                     here                   some

are                            has                    go                     there                  one

once                          ask                    friend                 school                put

push                          pull                   full                    house                 our

For details of all of the exciting topics that we'll be exploring this year take a look at our year planner below.

Reading at home for parents

At St Michaels we have started writing conferencing. Below is a copy of the KS1 writing grid. This covers all the key writing elements that should be present in a good piece of writing.

Help your child with reading at home.