St Michael's Primary School

Together we achieve

About the Governing Board

Margaret Fletcher

My name is Margaret Fletcher and I am the current vice-chair of Governors. I’ve been a Governor at St Michael’s for 26 years -initially as a parent governor (my son was only 5 when I started!) and subsequently as a Co-opted one. In my professional life I work for HMRC and bring my financial knowledge and a lifelong love of learning to the Governing Board. I am currently undertaking an MA in classics with the Open University showing one is never too old to study!


Phil Knox-Roberts

My name is Phil Knox-Roberts, the Chair of Governors.

I joined the board in late 2019 as a parent governor before being co-opted a year later.

My background is in the music industry; formerly General Manager and marketing director at Warner Bros before setting up a number of my own businesses. I am somewhat of an all-rounder but my main experience is in marketing, planning and management. I have sat on boards of businesses and trade bodies and chaired various committees across the business and I am keen to bring some of that experience to the school.


Millie Tanner

I'm a co-opted governor and have been on the board since 2019. I take responsibility for safeguarding on behalf of the board; before that I was the governor for SEND. I care about young people and education and I really love having the opportunity to help make St Michael's the best possible school for its pupils and families. In my day job I work in the emergency services, and in my copious free time I'm learning the clarinet. #


Saima Hussain-Sheikh

I joined as a parent governor in 2021 and I am also the nominated SEND governor. I have a significant interest in ensuring the continued excellence and improvement of St Michaels Primary school as my children attend the school currently. I am keen to ensure children can achieve to the best of their abilities and are happy and confident. 

I have nearly 15 years of experience working for the NHS to support our providers in delivering the Patient Safety and Quality agenda. 

I have enjoyed getting to know the excellent staff at the school and admire their dedication and professionalism. I look forward to supporting the success of St Michaels Primary school for many more years to come. 


Jennifer Woodham

My name is Jennifer Woodham. I joined as a co-opted governor in 2022. I have one child at the school currently, with a second hoping to start in September. I'm really keen to contribute to the continuing success of the school. In my professional life, I work for a healthcare regulator. I manage a team of investigators looking into fitness to practise matters. In my free time, I like to run.


Gemma Stagg

I have been a parent governor since 2021, I decided to become a governor as I have two children currently at  St Michael’s and I’m passionate about the schools progress and the children’s education during their time  here . I am also the health and safety governor. In my personal life I am a hairdresser with over 25 years experience.


Katherine Green

I joined the governing board at St. Michael’s as a Co-opted governor in June 2023 and I now chair the Curriculum and Learning committee. Before joining St. Michaels, I spent 7 years as a governor at my own children’s primary school in West Berkshire and over the years have been involved in various aspects of governance. I think the governance role is an important one and find it a really rewarding experience that involves learning new skills and giving something back to the community at the same time.

I work for a local not-for-profit organisation that specialises in connecting people with the nature on their doorstep. I am a big advocate for outdoor learning and love to see how this is done in school.

In my spare time I like to go for walks, runs and anything else that involves spending time outdoors.