St Michael's Primary School

Together we achieve

The School Run

Our school is on a busy road, and is in close proximity to three other primary schools.  The area is heavily congested during the “school run” and we would ask that all parents do their bit to help. We do realise that there will never be a total solution to this problem, but if we work together we can minimise the difficulties.


The biggest single thing any family can do to help the congestion outside our school is to get to school without using a car.  If you don’t need to use the car and can walk, ride, scoot or take public transport to school, please do so. 


Parking outside school is extremely limited and we would ask our school community to have consideration for our neighbours.  We are lucky enough to have a zebra crossing outside our main entrance, but often cars are parked so close to it that it is difficult for both drivers and pedestrians to see each other.  This is why parents must never park on the zigzag lines outside the school. It is to keep our children safe.  The police have been known to fine offenders, so please be warned! 


Parents must not use the school car park.  There are times, i.e. school concerts, when we open up the playground for parking. You will always be clearly informed when this is the case. 


At the end of the day, please wait on the Key Stage 1 playground for Year 1 – 6 children. The teachers escort their classes to the gate at the end of the day. 


Please respect the fact that the Foundation Stage outside area is a teaching area for our youngest children. Do not allow siblings to play on or with the equipment in this area.  Unless you have a child in one of our Reception classes, please do not enter this area.


Children in Years 5 and 6 can, with the permission of their parents, walk home without being collected.  Please inform the school if you would like your child to walk home. 


If your child is to be collected by somebody different from the usual arrangements, please let the their class teacher or the school office know in advance. Please be aware that, to keep the children safe, there may be instances when we will not release children to people sent to collect them until we have spoken to their parent or carer.


If you are to be delayed by a significant amount of time when collecting your child, you must contact us as soon as you can.