St Michael's Primary School

Together we achieve

From the Chair of Governors



Phil Knox-Roberts                     
Chair of Governors               


St. Michael’s is a welcoming, vibrant and safe learning community in which everyone is encouraged and enabled to reach their full potential. We are a very committed and active governing body. As well as fulfilling our duties by both supporting and challenging the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team, monitoring activities and progress in school, we also enjoy being involved in day-to-day events where we can.


Our school’s outstanding staff team is committed to every child’s success through instilling within each a real love for learning, along with respect for others and growing self-confidence. The school governors and all staff work hard to value every individual for their contribution to our school community as well as to the wider community.


As parents and carers you are very much part of our whole school community. Your child will be joining a happy, thriving and genuinely good school; a very caring school community where individuals are supported to learn independently, behave exceptionally well and aim for success. 


A good relationship between school and home helps to build a child’s confidence and assists their development in school. We depend upon the co-operation, support and involvement of parents. 


At St. Michael’s we strive to foster a relationship that goes beyond the school gate, and to develop a good understanding between home, staff and governors for the benefit of our children. If you would like to learn more about the role of the school governors then please contact me through the school office. 


We have a brand new purpose built school building and other areas of the school have recently been refurbished, repurposed and remodelled. We also have retained plenty of green, outdoor space.


If you wish to contact a governor, please use the following email address: