St Michael's Primary School

Together we achieve

Core Texts for each Year Group

Developing key reading skills through high-quality teaching is the priority for our children. In addition, studying whole texts in lessons – Novel Study - develops children’s love of reading by giving them the opportunity to read and listen to texts and authors they might not have chosen to read for themselves, also providing opportunities to encounter a wide variety of genres.


Within each year group, children have access to a carefully graded reading system to ensure they read books that are both challenging and diverse in nature. The five plagues of reading are embedded within our reading spine to ensure that children have access to a greater variety of complex narrative structures. We have ensured our selected texts represent a wide range of diversity in both authors and protagonists and are engaging to encourage a love for reading. A diet of fiction and non-fiction is promoted within our Reading Spine.


We have daily guided reading comprehension sessions to ensure that children read age-related texts and answer V.I.P.E.R.S (Vocabulary, Inference, Predict, Explain, Retrieve and Summarise / Sequence) as our method to explicitly teach each skill. These whole class or group reading comprehension sessions are used as a powerful tool to allow all children to make progress in reading and provide regular and supportive opportunities for children to encounter engaging texts that will resonate with their interests and capture their imagination.