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Governing Board Structure & Responsibilities

Full Governing Board





Link Responsibility 
Mrs Margaret Fletcher Vice-Chair - Co-optedFinance, Standards and Curriculum

Miss Millie Tanner

Co-optedSafeguarding, E-Safety
Mr Phillip Knox-RobertsChair - Co-optedPupil Premium
Mrs Gemma StaggParentHealth and Safety
Mrs Saima Hussain-Sheikh


Mr Jacob PineParent 
Jennifer WoodhamCo-opted 
Sheila ArtwellCo-opted 

Mr Jon Kilbane

Acting Headteacher




Full Governing Board Terms of Reference

Responsibilities & Powers

  • To agree constitutional matters including procedures where the Governing Board has discretion.
  • To establish and keep under review a protocol for the Governing Board.
  • To decide which functions of the Governing Board will be delegated to committees, groups or individuals.
  • To review the Delegation Planner annually.
  • To establish and convene committees of the Governing Board and their terms of reference.
  • To consider forming or joining a group of schools, converting to an academy or joining a MAT or federation.


  • To recruit new members as vacancies, arise and to appoint new governors where appropriate.
  • To provide an Induction Programme for new governors
  • To appoint or remove the Chair and Vice Chair.
  • To appoint or remove the Clerk to the Governing Board.
  • To ratify the appointment of each Chair of Committee (appointment delegated to each committee).
  • To appoint or remove a Clerk to each committee.
  • To suspend a governor.
  • To nominate 2/3 governors to conduct the Headteacher’s Performance Management.
  • To formally approve the appointment of a Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.


  • To hold at least three governing meetings a year.
  • To receive regular reports from the Headteacher and the Chair of the Resources and Standards Committee.
  • To receive reports from any individual or committee to whom a decision has been delegated, to monitor the progress of work, and to consider whether any further action by the Governing Board is necessary.
  • To approve the first formal budget of the financial year and to adhere to any statutory responsibilities for financial management which may be defined in current or future legislation or adhere to procedures as defined by Reading Borough Council.
  • To delegate the review and approval of school policies and procedures to the appropriate sub-committee.
  • To agree the programme of work and calendar of meetings for the Governing Board and its committees based on known cycles of school improvement, financial management, staffing issues and communicating with parents.
  • To establish and keep under review arrangements for governors’ visits to school.
  • To oversee arrangements for governor involvement in formulating and monitoring the School development Plan and Self Evaluation.
  • To ensure that the views of pupils, staff, parents and the wider community are sought as appropriate and that action is taken where necessary.
  • To review and approve the SEND Policy and publish a report annually on SEND provision.
  • To ensure that the school website contains all legally required information.
  • To have regard for the safeguarding of children and the Equality Plan in all matters.
  • To liaise with pupil groups.
  • To receive reports on the availability of before school, lunchtime and after school clubs.

Curriculum and Standards Remit 


  • To become familiar with the detail of the school’s assessment procedures and data in order to formulate a clear picture of the standards of attainment and achievement throughout the school.
  • In conjunction with the Headteacher to agree statutory targets for pupil attainment.
  • To address and discuss priorities defined on the School Development Plan.
  • To receive regular reports on the progress being made towards achieving school improvement and pupil progress targets.
  • To monitor the progress of groups of pupils including B/G, SEND, most able, disadvantaged, EAL and raise questions on trends and targets.
  • To be aware of the impact of Pupil Premium funding.
  • To discuss the impact of interventions on overcoming barriers to learning.
  • To ensure that the provision for all SEND pupils is being met.
  • To receive analysis of the Reading School Profile, ASP, dashboards and other information related to the comparisons between the school, the LA and national data.
  • To receive an annual report from the Sports Funding coordinator and to ensure that adequate provision is being made for all children.
  • To review, on a regular basis, pupil absence and lateness and the effectiveness of sanctions.
  • To ensure that statutory duties relating to the curriculum are fulfilled.
  • To review, approve and monitor the implementation of policies for curriculum and assessment areas.
  • With the assistance of reports from subject leaders and reports of governor visits, maintain a strategic oversight of curriculum areas
  • To receive regular reports from the Headteacher on the quality of teaching and to identify any necessary governing body actions.
  • To have regard for the safeguarding of children and the Equality Plan in all matters


Resources Remit


  • To annually review and evaluate all statutory finance, personnel and health & safety policies, taking into account any changes in legislation.
  • To be responsible for the completion of the Self-Assessment Form (or alternative) and related documents including the review of the Statement of Internal Control on an annual basis.
  • To annually receive the audited School Fund.
  • To be responsible for establishing, reviewing and monitoring a school risks register.
  • To review the proposed annual budget for all income and expenditure before presentation to the FGB for approval, highlighting any assumptions that have been made.
  • As part of the annual budget planning process review long term (3 year) budget forecast.
  • To receive monthly oracle reports from the School Business Manager, approve action (if any) when expenditure is at a variance with the budget (individual CFR level).
  • To alert and discuss with the full Governing Body any forecasted over spend of the total budget.
  • To review and approve outturn statements before submission to the Local Authority.
  • To receive and review the asset register on an annual basis, signed off by the Headteacher.
  • To view the government benchmark website comparing the school’s income and expenditure against other similar schools.
  • To contribute to the formulation of the school’s development plans through consideration of financial priorities.
  • To ensure the school’s insurance requirements are adequately covered.
  • To annually review, as part of the budget process the staffing provision, including the management structure.
  • To take an active role in the redundancy process in consultation with the Headteacher.
  • To appoint a Redundancy Panel and agree criteria for redundancy.
  • To monitor Health & Safety issues within the school, including a H&S Audit, assessing Fire Safety and monitoring the Accident Log.
  • To develop, review, monitor and evaluate implementation of policies related to Finance, Teacher’s Pay, and Teachers’ Appraisal
  • To develop, review, monitor and evaluate implementation of Premises and Health and Safety related policies, including Emergency and Accessibility Plans.
  • To assess progress made against the School’s Accessibility Plan through further evaluation and consultation, and to report annually on this progress.
  • To monitor Pupil Premium funding to ensure funding is spent on improving the outcomes for Pupil Premium children.
  • To have regard for the safeguarding of children and the Equality Plan in all matters.
  • To monitor the provision of school meals.
  • To consider ways in which the school and the Governing Body can engage stakeholders in both helping the school and in using the school for community activities.




Sub committees




Head Teacher’s Performance Management Panel

Role of Committee

To set the Headteachers P. M. Objectives for the forthcoming year.

To review progress made against the previous year’s objectives.

To make recommendations on the Headteachers  Pay Award to the Pay Committee.



Teachers Performance Management Panel

Role of Committee

To discuss/approve the Headteachers recommendations for teacher pay awards.



Staffing Committee Terms of Reference

Role of Committee

To review staffing, absence, sickness and capability issues when required.